It’s always great to be recognized when you place your heart and soul into a solution Hoteliers need, without them knowing they wanted it.

And YES we deserve it!

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We are a one-stop Telecommunication company that designs custom Cloud Solutions exclusively for hotels

Our Cloud Solutions for hotels support modern and reliable communication between hotel guests and staff. Think Simplicity is your one-stop provider for all your Telecommunication needs: we are your SMS/texting solution, phone system provider, phone manufacturer, hardware installer, and your ongoing maintenance and support team. Unlike other PBX providers, we don’t make you go through third parties to use our system. Simply contact our phenomenal support team to get started.

We are the Manufacturer


We Are the Vendor


We Are the Carrier


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Unlike other companies, we will never bombard your Telcom room with both our new equipment AND your old outdated equipment. When you work with us, you get a team who’s equally committed to transforming your Telecommunication room and installing our top-notch hardware. Think Simplicity can help revamp your Telco room by getting rid of your old, messy equipment and replacing it with one of our high-tech and easy to use systems.

Design Principal

Every design decision we make is influenced by reliability & simplicity. Reliability is crucial when it comes to cloud applications so we chose to build our solution in one of the most robust, scalable, secure and reliable global infrastructures available today: Amazon AWS (Amazon Web Services). We strive to create customized Cloud Solutions with effortless transitions and natural human interaction. We are humans helping humans, after all. Let us show you how you can stay current with technology with minimal effort!



Personalized Communications

Our technology combined with our extensive knowledge allows us to provide solutions and services that will exceed your unique needs.  We will work together to find the perfect solution.

Carrier Services

Our carrier services are designed to integrate with your existing hardware or software communication systems – whether they are new or old.

Custom Applications

We can design custom applications for your organization that combine all the best elements of the internet with the greatest communication technology available.  Whether you want to expand existing systems or design a new one, we can help.

Call Accounting

You can track, monitor, and rate calls and then choose to pull the reports you need manually or schedule them to run automatically. Our call accounting is great for identifying telecom spending and usage.

Network Monitoring

We regularly monitor our systems, and we give our clients’ systems the same attention! Leave the worrying to us – we’ll send you an alert if one of your systems or connections go down and we’ll be there to help.

Chat & SMS/texting solution

Many times in today’s day and age, people prefer to text someone they need to get ahold of instead of calling them. Our unique Chat & Texting Solution allows guests and staff to communicate with each other in whatever way they prefer.

PBX Emulation

Our PBX solutions allow your team to seamlessly communicate with each other, clients, and vendors – whether they are in the same location or anywhere else in the world! Your PBX, your way.

Systems Integration

Connecting systems and applications creates more flexibility and opportunity for expansion. We can integrate our systems with property management systems, internet-based software, and other custom applications.

Superior Support

We understand that a Technology company is only as good as the support it provides. This understanding is why Think Simplicity will be there every step of the way – from designing the right solution for you during the sales process to supporting your ever-changing needs.

Our Text/SMS solutions allow your concierge and guests to chat with each other in real time.

Our custom cloud Solutions help guests and staff communicate efficiently.

Think Simplicity can help you lower your acquisition cost and your monthly operating costs.

Our dedicated support team always provides superior customer service.

We work with both new and existing properties (you can even keep your existing room phones).


We don’t like waiting on hold for hours trying to get help, and we don’t expect you to either.  At Think Simplicity, we stand behind our services and our support. Please feel free to call us at 1-866-836-9198 or use the contact form to get started.

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