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not all solutions are equal

There is no excuse for cutting corners and there is no reason to settle for average.  The idea of a Hosted Hospitality Phone System is no longer new and it has been attempted many times in the past.

Now with the technology available, there are many options out there but not all solutions are created equal.

For a 24 x 7 business such as hospitality, the hosted (or Cloud) solution must meet 3 basic requirements:






We have a deep rooted understanding of developing technology dating back to before hosted or the cloud was even possible.  Once internet speeds improved and the datacenter became logical, we began building our cloud based voice solution for residential and business- back in 2005.

We then began developing a cloud based hospitality solution and had our first in-production installation in a full service 200+ room hotel by 2007.

Since then our solution has evolved and ported to one of the most advanced and reliable cloud infrastructures available today.

So while others are building their ‘hosted’ solution, we are perfecting our CLOUD solution!

what is hosted?

Hosted PBX Solution

One or two servers installed with telephony software hosted in a datacenter connected to the internet providing PBX services. In many cases the same configuration is replicated in another datacenter for redundancy.

what is cloud?

Cloud PBX Solution

PBX or telephony services being delivered over the internet from a cluster of various services, applications, and servers distributed geographically with inherent redundancy and replication.  The solution cannot be isolated to one server or one datacenter.

always current

Beautifully easy to use

pbx emulation

All the traditional features you expect from a phone system, except ours is better!

We can design your PBX your way.


wakeup calls

Wake Up calls can be scheduled for one room or for a group of rooms very easily.  Schedule them right from the phone or online.

Do you need multiple wake up calls for the same room? No problem and hey we even have snooze!

call accounting

Included within our solution with full integration to your property management system.

Pull reports for guests or admin when you want or schedule them to be sent right to your inbox.

bonded internet

Our bonded internet solution makes sure your connection is always available and always fast.  Any number of internet links and any kind of connection type will be bonded together seamlessly.   Do not get fooled by load balancing devices!

Click on the icon for more information.



Our carrier services are desinged to integrate with your existing hardware or software communication systems new or old.




Yes, an old feature, and yes, it’s included.

Triggers can be implemented or additional codes can be used such as maintenance requests.



We monitor our systems so why not get alerts when your systems or connections go down?  We help you sleep at night because we are always watching.

always current

Our solution includes ongoing system updates.  As the demands change for our users so does our solution.

Our clients who utilize our cloud hospitality solution, know they are getting the latest features and capabilities.  No need to worry about obsolescence.

Why buy a system that gets older when you can buy a system that gets newer? 

PMS integration

Property management integration is built right in and compatable with all PMS systems.

We have not met a PMS system we didn’t like.  You bring it and we will connect to it.

one button transfers

A small feature, but a loved one

“The one button transfer saves so much time, and it makes working through peak check-in or check-out times so much easier!” 
Front Desk Staff


We can design custom applications that tie in all the best elements of the internet and communication technology available today.  Whether it’s to expand existing sytems or design new, we can help.

Superior Support

All of our clients receive our superior support. Email us or call us 1-866-836-9198 and we will gladly assist.

Our support is the best…  Why not give us a try?

great value &

leading technology provider

Why choose us?

  • Long history in IP and Voice Over IP
  • Experienced in working with hotel brands
  • Proven track record
  • Full support from pre-sales to post-installation
  • One source for equipment
  • Knowledgable staff
  • Upfront savings
  • Monthly savings on the Hotel Telephone Services
  • US/Canada unlimited calling included
  • 24/7 customer service (no waiting on hold for days)
  • Remote re-configuration vs. sending techs on site
  • Advanced platform for future development
  • Deliver and support services from start to finish
  • The last hotel phone system you will need to buy
  • We’re the best!

fully featured system

served just the way you want

Let us provide you a quote

We can provide you with a no obligation, no pressure quote very quickly.

You can call us at 1-866-836-9198 or use the form to send as a note.

You will be happy you did.

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