Are Network Outages
Affecting your Business?


SimplyCX keeps you online…

SimplyCX is a software-based packet-level traffic steering service that monitors your network connections to make sure your transmissions are getting through. If a connection fails mid-call, the packets are simply re-routed to be sent across the live connection.

  • Packet-level prioritization and balancing
  • Seamless failover from one connection to the next
  • System healing for when failed connections come back online
  • Monitoring and Management to keep you informed

One Simple Result: Peace of Mind.

Use SimplyCX as your Network Redundancy solution.

Network Redundancy - SimplyCX from Think Simplicity

ThinkSimplicity is now offering seamless failover between multiple WAN connections to give your networks true seamless Network Redundancy. This new service complements our business phone solutions to give you the peace of mind of clear, uninterrupted voice communications.

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