We are a quiet company focusing on great customer experience with rock solid service.  For years we have focused on those two principals quietly, with very little marketing and horn blowing. (Now comes the horns!)

On Friday January 16th mid-afternoon, a full service hotel contacted us stating their Hitachi had failed and needed a new system as quickly as possible.  Tuesday January 20th they were operational with administrative and guest phones.  Now keep in mind, Monday was MLK which caused shipping and cabling delays or else we could have been completed sooner.

None the less services were restored.  The best part was they even saved 32% over a Mitel they were previously quoted.

It doesn’t get better than that folks!

You need a phone system fast, call us now 1-866-836-9198

You need great customer service, call us now 1-866-836-9198

You need to save money, call us now 1-866-836-9198

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