Phone Lines (SIP Trunking)

Trunk replacement allows you to keep your PBX equipment. So while you get Think Simplicity’s direct SIP Trunking configuration, you also get the full value from your existing PBX and telephone equipment. All we do is replace your current telephone lines, Voice T1 or PRI with VoIP dial-tone and add functionality.

With great low local, long distance and toll free rates, you start saving from the very first day.

To make SIP Trunking possible, three components are necessary: a PBX with a SIP-enabled trunk side, an enterprise edge device understanding SIP and an Internet telephony or SIP Trunking service provider. Find out how Think Simplicity can help you streamline your telephony costs and help increase your profits.

Contact our team to provide a complete solution and pricing that will meet your needs and budget.

Call us by phone at 1-866-836-9198 extension 403

Or email us at sales@thinksimplicity.com


  • Disaster recovery
  • Streamlined telephony
  • Minimal investment
  • Maximizing profits


  • On local calls
  • On long distance calls
  • On toll free calls
  • On International


  • Expert support
  • Extend life span of legacy equipment
  • Providing services since 2005
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