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Hospitality PBX Phone Systems

We know that every hotel is unique, and with our dynamic modular distribution platform we can provide a complete customizable Hotel Phone System that is built just for you!

Auto attendant


Ring Groups

Distinctive Ring Classes

Shared Line Appearance

Music on Hold

Message Waiting Light

Check In/Check Out Updates

Maid Status

PMS Integration

Wake-up Calls

Missed wake-up call reports

Multiple wakeup attempts

Custom greetings

Voicemail sent to Email

Extension-less voicemail boxes


When 911 is dialed from within the property:

1. The emergency dispatch services are notified.

2. An audible notification is sent to the front desk indicating that a call is being made to 911 along with the room number.

We recommend that all properties maintain 1(or 2) traditional analog lines to route all 911 calls over.    

Backup Plan

The hotel pbx systems have multiple ‘Back Up’ options in case of an internet outage:

1. Calls can be routed to a secondary internet circuit

2. Calls can be routed to traditional analog lines

3.  In case of full power failure at the property – calls can be routed to a cellphone or other offsite telephone.


Think Simplicity utilizes Amazon Web Services (AWS) which has multiple server locations across the US so we’re covered if one location fails.

The Think Simplicity’s Hotel Telephone Systems allows the property to utilize the existing analog guest room telephones or upgrade them to IP telephones.

The choice is yours!

Here is a typical acquisition and installation process  of a Hotel PBX

Approve Customized Proposal

We will work with you in designing a customized proposal based on the number of extensions, rooms and other property specific requirements.

To initiate the project, simply sign and return the proposal to us by fax or email.

Submit deposit

Upon receiving the deposit based on the approved proposal amount, we will start ordering the equipment specific to your customized solution.

Complete Basic Worksheet

You will receive a link to a simple online worksheet to complete that will allow us to preconfigure the services such as room numbers, extensions, extension names, etc.

Obtain Telephone Numbers

Once we receive the completed worksheet, any required telephone numbers will be ordered and assigned for your property.

Schedule Installation

It is important that we receive the deposit and worksheet 30 days prior to desired installation time frame.  This will allow enough time to order all of the necessary services and equipment for a successful installation.

We will work with the property to coordinate timing and activities with a focus on minimizing interruption to guests and staff.

Equipment Delivered

Just before the installation, we will deliver all of the equipment to the property.

Depending on the size of the property and other factors, the installation of the Hotel Phone System can take anywhere between 3 to 5 days.   For example, a property between 100 to 200 rooms will typically take 3 days to complete.

  • Day 1 equipment prep by racking, stacking and connecting.
  • Day 2 Configuration and cross connecting
  • Day 3 Monitoring and training

Equipment Installation

Where possible, we will rack and stack our equipment  in parallel to the existing PBX without interruption to the existing telephone services.  This will greatly reduce any interruptions to guests and staff.

Where not possible, our equipment will be unpacked and ready to rack and stack.  The existing PBX will be removed and your new equipment mounted and configured.

On average, service interruption to staff is 30 minutes to an hour.  During the project planning session an estimated interruption time will be determined.

Remote Call Forwarding (if required)

If you have telephone numbers that you would like to keep and move to Think Simplicity, the existing numbers will need to be forwarded to temporary numbers assigned to the property.  This will ensure calls from the outside will now flow through your new services.

Cross Connecting (if required)

Once the equipment is in place and configured to route calls properly, we will start to cross connect any analog phones from the old system to your new services.  This is required if there are any phones at the property that are not IP based telephones.


A training session will be held with your staff to introduce the new technology and functions.  Your staff will have the opportunity to test and ask questions in an effort to help get them familiar with the features they use most.

Customize Services

Any customizations requested will be implemented to accommodate an easy transition by our on-site technician as well as our remote engineering team.

Testing and Monitoring

The final phase of the on site installation includes testing of the customized features as well as monitoring the system.  Your solution will be installed and operational with complete satisfaction in mind.

Submit balance

The balance for the equipment and installation will be due within 10 days following the completion of the on-site installation.

Additional customizations (if required)

The first 30 days is typically the period our clients get familiar with the new solution and realize the power and flexibility at their fingertips, which results in additional call flow enhancements.

Any additional changes required can be requested with a simple email to our support team or by calling us directly.

Port Existing Numbers

At this stage we will start the porting process for any telephone numbers you will be keeping.  The numbers will be moved to Think Simplicity from your existing carrier by our porting technician who will monitor the process every step of the way.

Regular monthly statements

At the end of every month, we will email you a statement of last month’s service charges.  Payments can be made by check, EFT, or credit card.


If you need any assistance in using your services, you can send an email to our support or call us directly.  There will always be someone to answer your call 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Complete Hotel PBX Phone systems with superior support second to none.


Here are just a few of the reasons:

  • Hotel PBX replacement savings of up to 50% vs. traditional on premise PBX
  • Monthly Hotel Telephone Service savings of up to 30% or more
  • Included US/Canada unlimited calling
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Remote re-configuration vs. sending techs on site
  • Advance platform for future feature development
  • Deliver and support services from start to finish
  • The last hospitality phone system you will need to buy

Locations of Hotel Phone System Installations:

Valdez, AK

Flagstaff, AZ

Beverly Hills, CA

Torrance, CA

Breckenridge, CO

Estes Park, CO

Bradenton, FL

Boca Raton, FL

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Bloomington, IL

Chicago, IL

Manhattan, KS

Shreveport, LA

Cambridge, MA

Stockbridge, MA

Gaithersburg, MD

Lexington, NE

North Platte, NE

Newark, NJ

Buffalo, NY

New York, NY

State College, PA

Sumter, SC

Nashville, TN

White Settlement/Houston, TX

Arlington, VA

Chantilly, VA

Harrisonburg, VA

Sterling, VA

We look forward to hearing from you, contact us today!

(866) 836 9198 extension 403 or sales@thinksimplicity.com
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