A new way to save money on phone services.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3 !

Phone Service Plans and Pricing

Only 1.5¢ for any additional minute for calls to US and Canada!

Included Features
3-way callingCall ReturnMusic On HoldLow long distance rates
Call Detail Records onlineCall WaitingEnhanced VoicemailBring your phone anywhere
Call ForwardingCalling Name & Number BlockVoicemail to e-mailBest customer service in the industry
Call Forward when BusyCalling Name & Number DisplayKeep Your Current Phone Number**No contracts
Call Forward when No AnswerDo Not DisturbUnlimited calls between customersNo cancellation fees
How it works

voip_adapter_connectionThere are several ways to use our service such as using a standard telephone, using a new IP telephone or using a softphone.

Standard Telephone

When using a standard telephone, an analog adapter is required which can be provided by us for a small security deposit or you can purchase your own.  This adapter connects to your existing internet router or cable modem.  Then your standard telephone would plug into the adapter.

IP Telephone

If you would like to use an IP based telephone, we will provide the connection information for you to configure into your telephone.  If you need assistance in configuration, we have provisioning services that will make the installation quick and easy.


Softphones are becoming very popular and can be installed on computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets.  There are many different varieties and you can use any of them with our service.  The softphones must be SIP compliant and not proprietary to any other service provider.

We can assist in choosing the right softphone to meet your needs.

Additional and Optional Charges

  • Additional US/Canada Minutes  are billed at $0.02/minute
  • International Rates are listed here
  • Keep you existing number has a one time charge of $10
  • 411 Service calls are billed at $1.00
  • Additional North America numbers are $4.00/month
  • Additional International Country Numbers start at $18.00/month

Technical Considerations

Internet Connection Speed

  • Each call can use on average 88kbps.  If you expect more than one call at a time, and/or have more than one phone at the same location, the internet upload and download speed must be able to handle the calls to maintain crystal clear call quality.
  • A simple way to help you determine the amount of bandwidth required, simply multiply the number of concurrent calls by 88kbps.
    • For example for 4 concurrent calls the formula is:
    • 4 x 88kbps = 352kbps upload / download
    • Keep in mind if you have a single internet connection then voice traffic will be shared with data traffic.  Most internet connections today can handle several calls at one time, however everyones bandwidth usage varies.  Your VoIP Project Specialist will help you determine the required bandwidth.

Power or Internet Considerations

  • In the event of power outages or internet outages, calls may not connect.  This is extremely important to remember especially if making 911 emergency calls during power outages or internet outages.
  • In some cases weather or equipment failure somewhere on the internet can effect traffic which may prevent calls from completing or effect call quality.

Ordering Process

  1. Select a plan above by clicking on “Let’s Get Started” button under the desired pricing plan
  2. The next page will ask if you require and adapter.  If an adapter is required, an additional security deposit will be added to the account.
  3. You will be prompted to create an account with your billing address and credit card.
  4. We will also ask to select an area code so we can assign a telephone number to your account.  If you would like to port a number, the number assigned can be used as a temporary till your existing number has been moved over.
  5. Once entered and saved, the credit card will be charged.
  6. You will be contacted by one of our technicians either by phone or email with you account details and telephone number.

Installation Process

If adapter required

  1. If equipment is required: The credit card will be processed and the equipment will be configured and shipped to your location
  2. At this point you just plug in the adapter into your router/modem and you can start using your services. (If you need assistance, just call us and we will help you get connected)

When no adapter required

  1. Once you receive your account detail you can start using our services.
  2. At this point you just configure your adapter or equipment start using your services. (If you need assistance, just call us and we will help you get connected)

Keeping your existing number

If you are keeping your existing telephone number(s):

  1. Client will sign our LOA form (letter of authorization) and provide us with a copy of their most recent telephone bill.
  2. Think Simplicity will then submit the port and assign a temporary phone number(s).
  3. The current phone number(s) will be forwarded to the temporary number(s) until the port is completed.

You can access your service configuration or our billing system by going to the Client Center

We strive for customer service excellence and are looking forward to assist.  We can be reached for support through the following methods 8am to 5pm Eastern Monday to Friday:

  • Email to support@thinksimplicity.com
  • Phone: (866)836-9198 option 2.

We do not look to trap people into unnecessary service contracts.  Our clients stay because our services are great!

We do however understand that there are reasons that services may need to be cancelled, so we try and make the cancellation process as easy as the sign up process.  Below are the steps necessary to cancel services.

  1. Port Out Telephone Number
    If you would like to keep your existing number(s), you must first port the number to your new provider prior to a cancellation of services.  (You will need to work with your new carrier to facilitate this port request)
  2. 30 Day Written Cancellation Notice
    Please send an email to support@thinksimplicity.com requesting service cancellation 30 days prior the date you would like your services terminated.  This step will avoid any unnecessary charges to be automatically invoiced.
  3. DONE!

Now let’s get started by picking the right plan


Ask about our SimplyFree plan!

SimplyFree has no monthly fee and billed at per minute only.  Ideal for outbound trunking or softphone clients on smartphones or computers.

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