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We take our technology very seriously and that is why we have built a Cloud based Hospitality Phone System on top of Amazon’s AWS platform.

You can count on reliability, security and flexibility from our solution along with peace of mind that the technology will always be relevant to the demands of today’s guests.

The Foundation

For more information about the power of Amazon AWS you can find more information by clicking below.

The Platform

Service Topology

The cloud application is leveraging Amazon’s service infrastructure distributed across the geographic regions.  Each region has a cluster of technology zones to distribute services to our clients.

Designing the software to be everywhere yet nowhere is far more advanced then being hosted on a server in a datacenter.

In a nutshell, our software is distributed and replicated automatically across the globe to always provide our clients access to their phone system features.

Modular Design

We took every traditional PBX feature and turned it into it’s own module service.  For example, the Wakeup Call module service is supported independently from the voicemail service module.  This allows for independent upgrades and replacements without impacting each other instead of updating the whole system.

Also, each module service has it’s own cluster of Amazon resources that allows for automatic scaling, replication and failover which again not a whole system dependency.

Now that we have each module service independent yet working together, we can now add new features and tie in 3rd party applications.

The potential is limitless.

The Result

A rock solid, always up hosted platform built on advanced, secure, reliable technology with the ability to evolve and expand as the demands dictate.

All this technology delivered right to your hotel for your advantage.

Now there is no reason to settle for an old school on-premise or a basic hosted solution.

For more information call us at 1-866-836-9198 or use the form and let’s chat.

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