the last hotel phone system you will ever need

There is no excuse for cutting corners and there is no reason to settle for average.  The idea of a Hosted Hospitality Phone System is no longer new and it has been attempted many times in the past.  And now with the technology available, there are many options out there.

But not all solutions are created equal.

For a 24 x 7 business such as hospitality, the hosted (or Cloud) solution must meet 3 basic requirements:






We have a deep rooted understanding of developing technology dating back to before hosted or the cloud was even possible.  Once internet speeds improved and the datacenter became logical, we began building our cloud based voice solution for residential and business- back in 2005.

We then began developing a cloud based hospitality solution and had our first in-production installation in a full service 200+ room hotel by 2007.

Since then our solution has evolved and ported to one of the most advanced and reliable cloud infrastructures available today.

So while others are building their ‘hosted’ solution, we are perfecting our CLOUD solution!

Not all hosted solutions are created equal.


Hosted PBX Solution
One or two servers installed with telephony software hosted in a datacenter connected to the internet providing PBX services. In many cases the same configuration is replicated in another datacenter for redundancy.

Cloud PBX Solution
PBX or telephony services being delivered over the internet from a cluster of various services, applications, and servers distributed geographically with inherent redundancy and replication.  The solution can not be isolated to one server nor datacenter.

The Technology, The Cloud

Think Simplicity knows the future is in the CLOUD and has built it’s Hospitality Phone Solution from the ground up with the CLOUD in mind.

Providing services to an industry that operates 24 x 7 requires a solution that can provide services 24 x 7.

That is why we have chosen Amazon’s AWS cloud services as the underlying foundation for our Hospitality Phone Solution.  AWS brings reliability, scalability and security designed services and applications that allow for the next generation of technology to be available today in a manner that could not be achieved just a short time ago.

Hosted is good, Cloud is better!

always on, always available

The Reliability, The Connectivity

Getting connected to Think Simplicity’s Hosted Hospitality Phone Solution is easy and versatile.  We will configure and install the perfect system for your environment.

Internet Connections

Bring your own circuit(s)!

Connectivity to the Think Simplicity Cloud can be achieved using any standard internet service provider today.

For an even better experience, we can work with more than one circuit to bond the speeds and reliability which will result in live failover if one circuit fails.  No dropped calls or lost Guest Internet Access or any other internet provided service.

As an added bonus, we can implement a 4G LTE connection as a 2nd or 3rd level failover.

Room Phones

We will connect either analog telephones or IP telephones.

If you already have guest room phones in place we can make those work as well.

No need to replace the hotel guest phones, but if you would like to, we have many standard guest room phone options available.

Staff Phones

Staff phones are typically IP based handsets or softphones that can take advantage of the advanced features such as shared line and caller display.

We generally offer the IP staff phones as an option however you can bring your own SIP standard IP phone.

If ethernet cabling is required, let us help put this in place for you.

House Phones

Existing analog phones or even IP phones can be used or replaced at your discretion.

We also have the ability to maintain ring down functionality for those critical public area phones.

full featured phone system, served just the way you like it


The Functionality, The Features

You can feel comfortable knowing that all of the expected functionality is available with so much more.  Now with the underlying foundation being so advanced, we can customize and integrate the solution to meet the needs of your staff and your guests.

There are no more limits to what is possible.

Coming Soon - SMS Texting

We are just wrapping up the final touches on our SMS texting add-on.  The staff will be able to communicate with guests using SMS texting to their cell phones as well as communicating internally with other staff.  What makes this very exciting is the group texting feature which will allow several staff departments to have their own SMS queues.

Imagine a guest requesting a shuttle pickup or even towels from wherever they are inside the hotel or at a restaurant outside of the hotel. The guest would simply text the hotel number and multiple front desk staff members can receive the message and respond accordingly.

Application Features

  • Auto attendant
  • Ring Groups
  • Distinctive Ring Classes
  • Shared Line Appearance
  • Call Queues
  • Music on Hold
  • Message Waiting Light
  • Check In/Check Out Updates
  • Restrictions
  • Maid Status
  • PMS Integration
  • Wake-up Calls (Single / Group Scheduling)
  • Missed wake-up call reports
  • Multiple wakeup attempts
  • Custom greetings
  • Voicemail sent to Email
  • Extension-less voicemail boxes
  • Online Portal
  • Hosted Call Accounting
  • Etc..

empower staff and guest communications

Easy to Use and Fully Support

Simplicity in Design

We believe in simplicity.

Our goal is to make the application easy for anyone to use.

There is enough complexity out there, so why have a phone system that adds to that.  Our interfaces are clean and simple so your staff can perform the necessary functions efficiently with no stress.

Unmatched Dedicated Support

Our support is available 24 x 7 so you can rest assured that we are here to help.

A dedicated Level 2 support person will be assigned to support the hotel.  This provides continuity on configuration and personalized customer service.

As a managed service, just call or send an email and we will make the necessary changes for you.

It doesn’t get easier then that!

advanced technology with unbeatable pricing to match


The Cost

Think Simplicity has found a way to bring a great phone system to the hospitality market at awesome prices.  Just check out our starting price!

Upfront Cost

  • Freedom60 Solution 20% 20%
  • Freedom Solution 60% 60%
  • Traditional System from another vendor 100% 100%

Average Calls Processed on Our Network

Avg Daily Wakeup Calls

Avg Daily Voicemail Calls

Avg Daily Maid Status Code Calls

Avg Daily Total Calls

Valdez, AK

Flagstaff, AZ

Beverly Hills, CA

Torrance, CA

Breckenridge, CO

Estes Park, CO

Bradenton, FL

Boca Raton, FL

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Plantation, FL

Bloomington, IL

Chicago, IL

Manhattan, KS

Shreveport, LA

Cambridge, MA

Pittsfield, MA

Stockbridge, MA

Gaithersburg, MD

Salisbury, NC

Lexington, NE

North Platte, NE

Newark, NJ

Buffalo, NY

New York, NY

Albuquerque, NM

State College, PA

Sumter, SC

Franklin, TN

Nashville, TN

White Settlement/Houston, TX

Arlington, VA

Chantilly, VA

Harrisonburg, VA

Norfolk, VA

Sterling, VA

Bellingham, WA

Germantown, TN

Lexington, KY

Athens, GA

Alpharetta, GA

Knoxville, TN

Auburn Hills, MI

Durango, CO

Why Choose Us?

  • Upfront savings
  • Monthly savings on the Hotel Telephone Services
  • US/Canada unlimited calling included
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Remote re-configuration vs. sending techs on site
  • Advanced platform for future development
  • Deliver and support services from start to finish
  • The last hotel phone system you will need to buy
  • We’re the best!

For more information call 1-866-836-9198 or use the form below

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