Routers and Session Border Controllers

SimplyVX15-SBC (Current Model)

The SimplyVX-SBC is the responsible for secure connectivity to the hosted cloud environment along with securing and routing voice traffic in and out of the client network.

SimplyVX14-SBC (discontinued)

Defero3 Hermes Router (discontinued)

Network Switch

Zyxel ES-3500 PoE 24 Ports

This is the standard switch provided as part of the solution.  In some occasions the switch model may be different along with the number of network ports etc.

The switch is responsible for connecting all equipment to the SimplyVX-SBC device.

Local Telephone Line Connectivity

AudioCodes MP114 FXO Gateway

This device is used to connect local POTS (plain old telephone service) lines to the hosted solution to be used as failover for 911 and other important calls.

Adtran T1 to SIP Gateway (Gen2)

Used to connect local T1 telco lines to the hosted solution to route calls in/out of the client location.

Adtran T1 to SIP Gateway (3rdGen)

Same as above but a 3rd generation device.

Property Management System Connectivity

iPocket Serial to IP

Used to connect to PMS (Property Management Systems) requiring a serial connection.

Analog to SIP Gateway

AudioCodes MP124

Used to convert / connect standard analog telephones to IP / SIP.

Grandstream Analog to IP Gateway

Same as above.

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