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what is bonded internet?

Bonded internet is connecting multiple internet circuits together to perform as one single large and reliable internet connection.  For example if we take a cable internet connection, DSL, T1, Fibre and 4g and bond them all together, we will have one fast & redundant connection that just won’t quit. The total speed will be the aggregated speeds such as 1+4+3+10+17=35

who needs it?

If your internet connection is crucial to your business, you need it!

Financial institutions, day traders, medical facilities, call centers, web programmers, retail stores, marketing agencies, etc.

Ask yourself, what happens when my internet goes down?

what bonded internet isn’t

Some solutions will claim to bond multiple links by using a single device that will route traffic out available internet connections as well as distribute the traffic to not saturate a single link.  This is not true bonding but more creative internet link routing.

When traffic is routing out a particular link, the maximum speed is limited to that single link.  So if we use the basic 5 link example with the following speeds 1 + 4 + 3 + 10 + 17, you will only get maximum speed of 4mb if you are on that particular link.  If you are on the 10mb link your maximum speed is 10mg.

Now what happens if the link you are on suddenly fails?  You will lose your connection then failover to the next available link.  This is okay when browsing the internet but if you are using real-time applications such as VoIP, streaming services, and secure connections your link will be interrupted.

Load Balancers do not equal Bonded Internet!

Are Network Outages Affecting your Business?


SimplyCX keeps you online…

SimplyCX is a software-based packet-level traffic steering service that monitors your network connections to make sure your transmissions are getting through. If a connection fails mid-call, the packets are simply re-routed to be sent across the live connection.

  • Packet-level prioritization and balancing
  • Seamless failover from one connection to the next
  • System healing for when failed connections come back online
  • Monitoring and Management to keep you informed

One Simple Result: Peace of Mind.


Use SimplyCX as your Network Redundancy solution.

Network Redundancy - SimplyCX from Think Simplicity

ThinkSimplicity is now offering seamless failover between multiple WAN connections to give your networks true seamless Network Redundancy. This new service complements our business phone solutions to give you the peace of mind of clear, uninterrupted voice communications.

why not

Clear up your Voice?

Clear up your Voice.


Traffic Shaping and Prioritization… …SimplyCX for QoS

ThinkSimplicity is offering its customers a high-value, fully monitored and managed, end-to-end, bi-directional voice quality guarantee. Over any ISP connection, ThinkSimplicity’s SimplyCX for Quality of Service (QoS) can ensure your voice traffic avoids:

  • Latency – delayed packets, resulting in slurred speech
  • Jitter – spikes in latency causing clips and ticks
  • Network Congestion causing syllable loss and call drops

One Simple Result: Satisfaction.


Use SimplyCX as your Quality of Service (QoS) Solution.

Network Redundancy - SimplyCX from Think Simplicity

ThinkSimplicity is now offering a software-enabled Quality of Service (QoS) solution to give you the voice quality you expect. The service automatically routes traffic based on classes and queues to the appropriate destination based on settings set by ThinkSimplicity. This new service complements our business phone solutions to give you the peace of mind of clear voice communications.

connectivity is not reliable

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